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Home Energy Solution

Harvest The solar Energy to
Power your green lifestyle

Maximize Energy

One button to activate the charging mode that is tailor-made for your Solar PV and Energy Storage configuration for maximum energy cost saving.

Solar Mode

Only utilize the surplus energy from solar to charge your EV.

Solar Plus Mode

Maximize the utilization of the surplus energy from solar, together with the power from the grid, to charge your EV at your selected amperes.


Integrated with your Solar PV and Energy Storage System to charge your EV with the solar energy from the energy storage system for the best economical efficiency.


Smart Home Integration

Monitor your home energy dashboard and find out the best way to save your charging cost with one mobile App.

Insight Into Your

Energy Usage

Digitalize your home energy usage, your charging consumption, and energy harvest from solar PV, provide home energy analysis and the best economical energy usage suggestion.

Insight into Energy Usage.jpg

Full Support

Charge any EV with maximum available power from any mains connection scheme and earthing system


On-demand matching and free quotation.

Full Support_On Sales.jpg

On Sales

Installation serves the entire system.

Full Support_After Sales.jpg

After Sales

One warranty covers the whole system.

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